fishies! (delsrealm) wrote,

i dreampt i was a goddess
i dreampt i saw you cry
i showed you a truth
you looked and asked me why
my messenger around you,
sparkling in the light
i never gave an answer
but i made it night.

he was a soul of feathers
skies and stars and such
she was a soul of opals
warm and silver to the touch
he was a soul of edges,
the balance never gray
she was a soul of cotton
just make it go away

they travelled in packs,
some unwillingly so
daring not to break;
nowhere to go
they made their own paths,
stabbed in the dark
they watched from the corners
they clung to a spark

they prospered and flaunted
they envied and sighed
they smoked, toked and shot,
they cheated and lied.
they sang and they prayed
they fucked and they drank
they ate and they slept
they saved at the bank

they plotted and planned
and it all became small
they were still there
yet nothing at all.

some part of this dream is true.
does it matter to you?
i am but one, yes.
you are no less.

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